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Release Date: 22 September 2008

Format: CD Album

Label: Peski Records



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1. Gavling
2. Pass Yu' Phone
3. Giving Up
4. Places in my head
5. I will be coming home
6. Swynol
7. Bea
8. U & Me
9. Up Love the Life Line
10. Planet Attack
11. Lump It
12. I will be coming home again


Deep in the heart of Andalucía in the summer of 2007, in a cave embedded in the Moorish terra firma, emerged the saviour of Welsh music – Mini. After months of hibernation, the shambolic Merlin guru stepped out of his cave dwelling, took a deep Iberian breath and returned home to record some music. The resulting material is Texas Radio Band's finest work to date and sees them capturing a more mature and focused sound without compromising their usual nonchalant élan.
Having been off the radar since the release of their debut album, Baccta' Crackin', in 2004, it seems the band have invested their time wisely by exploring new musical territories, enhancing their sound and growing up. The new album, 'Gavin', was partly recorded in a cave in Spain as well as in studios across Wales with help from producer Iwan Morgan.
Texas Radio Band formed in the late 1990's taking their name from The Doors' album track 'Texas Radio & The Big Beat', they established a sound that combined electronica and indie music with a quirky and playful style of recording. Their song 'Chwaraeon' ('Sports'), from their debut album, is without doubt a Welsh music scene classic from the last decade which also reached no.13 in John Peel's last ever festive 50 charts. They've played at numerous festivals, produced videos, appeared on television, recorded a handful of radio sessions, won awards and gained much praise and attention in Wales and beyond.