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From The Inner Depth


Release Date: 14 February 2011

Format: Digital

Label: Bridge House Records

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1 Jealousy
2 She Said (To Me)
3 This World
4 I'll Remember You
5 If Tomorrow
7 Caveman
8 Rebecca's Room
9 I Wish I Was A Girl
10 Housewife
11 Games (A True Story)


After we released their last album 'Beginning of the End' we thought wrongly, that would be it, Wasted no more. How wrong we were, their second album almost outsold the first. It was unbelievable, the distributors just kept coming back for more.

So back we go with all the tapes to see what we had. There were literally hundreds of tapes. We found the tape Chris Thompson had produced with the band when they first started, it was so clear and bright we used 3 of the 5 tracks. That was the start, then we put Rebeccas Room on. This was Martin Hannets mix of the original single mixed by Johnny Holliday. Really different, we also remixed their first single Jealousy, and so we had another wasted youth album of unreleased material. And guess what, another great seller.

My son Darren produced this album and he did a great job, he even got Ken Scott back in the studio to record a new song called 'This World'.