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From The Beginning


Release Date: 19 April 2010

Format: CD Album

Label: A2Z



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1. Promises
2. Strange Place
3. From The Beginning
4. Air To Breathe
5. Dance With Me
6. Crash
7. Disconnected
8. Live & Die
9. 24
10. Broken Beads
11. Too Far Sometimes
12. The Long Road


Touring Europe for the last five years Laurance Traverso aka Traverso has slowly built up a fan base of Snowboarding, surfing, loving life individuals who know how to have a good time and how live life to the full. Last April, out of the blue, came an offer of an Indie deal to A2Z Music (Simon Lowry ex V2) and by May the album was written. A chance encounter with Producer Clif Norrell (REM, Jeff Buckley, Sting and Faith No More,to name drop a little bit!) with a few beers and a couple of tequilas and a deal was struck to make the record in LA! Sunshine, the beautiful people and Spiker, Kones (Tenacious D) and Lester Nuby (idle wild) were the LA contingent while the UK was represented by Lowry ..s and Traverso singing and strumming that guitar. The music is eclectic, very eclectic but what do you expect with a band that's from either sides of the Atlantic. The songs stand up…We hope you like it! We hope you come to the shows! And we hope you tell your friends cause we want to do it again this year

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