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From 4am…The Silence Sounds


Release Date: 15 October 2007

Format: CD Album

Label: Genepool



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1. Bones
2. The Rivers Mourn
3. Since You Came Along
4. One Summers Day
5. Heart On The Wire
6. India
7. Tales Of Tomorrows Sky
8. Steal Away My Heart
9. Silent Spirit
10. A Time For Sleeping
11. Not Today


Dan Cutts has a wonderfully wide-eyed take on making music. He's a floppy-haired, multi-instrumentalist with a warm voice and a deft lyrical touch and, fascinatingly, his musical evolution seems to match the orbital nature of his music.

A significant cycle in his life ended in late 2005 when his former band, Lyca Sleep, split up. They were a widescreen epic sort of outfit who had a wonderful knack of hypnotising an audience with layers of psychedelic noise as Dan provided focus with his meandering lyrics.

In Summer 2006 Dan went into the studio with his friend Richard Green and recorded a track called 'Since You Came Along', making the bold decision to play all the instruments himself. Over the next six months that cycle of creativity led to Dan recording an entire album. The result is From 4am…The Silence Sounds, named after his countless late-night recording sessions and the idea that the album would act as a 'new beginning'.

It is a record of impressive scope as tender acoustic tracks sit alongside 12-minute psychedelic monsters. The result recalls the explosive schizophrenia of Nick Cave, the gorgeous dynamism of Spiritualized and the blissful psychedelia of early Primal Scream. Dan is delighted with the organic way in which the album came about.

'I'd do a song or three, come back and listen to those and think about the way they relate to each other. And then I'd write something else to match them. The album started taking control of itself and developing its own sound.'

From 4am…The Silence Sounds is a triumph. Why not allow yourselves to be part of the ride?