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Indie music label and distributor

Free Music


Release Date: 29 February 2012

Format: Digital

Label: All Over The World records


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1 Spin Controle
2 Szwaaag
3 Cali Kush & OJ
4 Head in da Clouds
5 Glow
6 Keep Dreaming
7 Friendly Fire
8 Reason to Stay
9 Forever
10 D.H.F.B.
11 Empty
12 No Life
13 Fullblown
14 Power
15 The Downfall
16 Charlie (NL)
17 Milli On Air


Dubble dutch is a longstanding dutch/uk rapper/producer that teamed up with white boy black in the end 2010.

Since then the two have been relentless in their way of working, dropping a mixtape in two weeks as there 1st project.

Now they have colaborated on Free music they bring us a new flavour in hiphop - with their mixes and blends of mellow & melodic to heavy & spaced flavours. Mixing the new generation with that of the late 90s, dutch born and bred in amsterdam and WBB in london.

They bring a fresh perspective to the game with clever wordplay and smooth flows.