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Release Date: 30 May 2003

Format: Digital

Label: Nurture


You Got Style [5.09]
Dumb As It Is [3.04]
Harder [3.12]
Summer Song [2.40]
In Position [2.52]
Without You [3.59]
Another Year Over [2.53]
Ain't It A Love [2.43]
Can't Keep Waiting [2.34]
I Close My Eyes [4.38]
Even Though [4.16]
Forward [3.29]


Turn were an Irish band formed in 1998 and split in 2005. During this time they released many singles, mini albums and 3 full albums. This was their third release, released on their own label in 2003. Considered by many to be their best work it's packed full of unusual songs with blistering melodies.