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Forty Love (Bonus Remix Edition)


Release Date: 30 August 2010

Format: CD Double Album

Label: Schmooze



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Tracklisting CD1
1. Forty Love
2. Oh Yeah!
3. Champions
4. Gwendoline
5. Sur Le Papier
6. Le Rendez-Vous
7. Synthétiseur
8. 1-2-3-4
9. Dans L'Avion
10. Pacific Sunset
11. Le Virage

1. Forty Love (Rhythm Droid Remix)
2. 1-2-3-4 (Get Stellar Remix)
3. Le Rendez-vous (Allen Walker Remix)
4. Oh Yeah (Walter Sobcek Remix)
5. Le Rendez-vous (Rio Lobotomy 'Un Chien Andalou' Remix)
6. Synthétiseur (Bestrack Nostalgia Remix)
7. Gwendoline (Gemini Club Remix)
8. Oh Yeah (Tonka' Muppets Dub)
9. Champions (Edwin Van Cleef Remix)
10. Pacific Sunset (Muffin Remix)
11. Synthetiseur (Van She Remix)
12 Dans l'Avion (Beaumont Remix)
13. Sur Le Papier (Scottish Fold Remix)
14. Le Virage (Instrumental)


"The band's dreamy funk pop is a clear winner" Spin (US)

"This French duo straddle the line between Vampire Weekend and Phoenix – which is a very good thing to straddle indeed" Music Week (UK)

"Daft Punk, Air and Phoenix have finally found their heirs" Les Echos (France)

Housse De Racket introduce themselves…
Yo! We are Housse de Racket. We play stadium music in small rooms. We are Pierre and Victor and we live in Paris, France. We love epic chord progressions. Our first album, Forty Love, was released in France at the end of last year. It's a concept album—a rock opera about two tennis superstars, winners on court but losers in love. This is, of course, a fiction.

After trying to be black for three years, we gave up choreographies and make-up. We decided to stop that band and focus on a duo. That was the very beginning of Housse de Racket. By the way, the name of our band comes from an untranslatable French play on a word between house music and tennis. Don't ask for more explanation. It's always been very conceptual.

At the same time, we started to play with other bands as session men (!), separately or together. We "backing banded" a lot of bands such as Phoenix, The Teenagers, JB Dunckel (from Air), Alex Gopher and Benjamin Diamond (from Stardust). We did our first live shows in Paris and that's where everything became serious. The name Housse de Racket started to spread around and our tennis concept was no joke anymore.

We have now been on tour since October 2008. We played all over France, Europe, Tokyo and Hong Kong for APC's parties (we designed T-shirts for APC)! Recently, we shared the stage 
;;;;with bands like Yelle, Foals, Phoenix, Friendly Fires, Jamie Lidell, !!!, Does It Offend You, Yeah? and Sébastien Tellier. This summer, we'll release our next UK single "Oh Yeah!", with a video and bunch of cool remixes. We are Housse de Racket. We play stadium music in small rooms but one day we'll play it in real stadiums (even small ones). Champs Elysées, Montmartre, Champagne.

• Housse De Racket made their name as musicians for hire in Paris. Victor and Pierre have previously worked with Phoenix, Air, The Teenagers, Gonzales and Benjamin Diamond (Stardust), either as session guys in the studio or live on stage.

• Forty Love, Housse De Racket's debut album was produced by Gonzales and Renaud Letang. They also produced Peaches, Feist, Jamie Lidell. It is a concept album about giving up a glittering career in tennis to win the love of a girl, by forming a band.

• Forty Love contains recent French Top 15 hit single, Oh Yeah!

• Oh Yeah! will be released in the UK as two digital EPs and a limited edition 7" featuring remixes by the new breed of production talent from across the World including Keenhouse (USA), Bestrack (France), Barretso (Chile), The Lowbrows (Japan) as well as more established names like Tonka (Germany) and Gonzales (Canada).

• Victor and Pierre are currently recording their second album in France. It's being produced by Philippe Zdar, whose production work includes Phoenix, The Rapture, Sebastien Tellier, Tiga and Cassius.