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Flicker EP'


Release Date: 03 March 2014

Format: 10inch Vinyl E.P

Label: National Anthem


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1. Flicker
2. Only You
3. Flicker TCTS Remix
4. Flicker SoulCircuit Remix


18 year old Shivum Sharma was born and raised in London to an Indian father and Irish mother. He started playing the piano from the age of nine but found the discipline of repeat practicing a chore and gave up a few years later. Playing it as his own leisure was a different proposition entirely, and he rediscovered a fresh love for the instrument when writing his own music from late 2011.
Shivum cites solitude and the city as prime sources of inspiration, but also artists as varied as Aphex Twin and The Knife to Amy Winehouse and Erykah Badu.
Produced here by Warp Records' renowned experimental artist/producer Kwes, the two tracks, 'Flicker' and 'Only You', are the sound of a young artist with an innate ear for hushed and intimate electric soul.
The original bedroom demo of 'Flicker' aired online in mid-2013, just a sparse piano line and vocal, and introduced Shivum to widespread blog support that referenced him alongside a pool of acclaimed artists, including the likes of Jai Paul and Perfume Genius. Both Shivum and Kwes have taken that initial blueprint, added a gentle, reverberating beat and some glorious production 'noise', without losing any sense of the atmosphere created in that early demo recording.