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Festival of Dub


Release Date: 30 November 2018

Format: Digital

Label: Fresh Roots Records


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Blessing Dub [1:30]
Dub Long Ago [4:14]
Dub of Ages [4:00]
Do You Know Dub? [2:56]
Pour Some Dub [2:33]
Spin Dub [4:20]
Festival Dub [2:57]
Dub Can Retell [3:39]
Almighty Dub [3:48]
Dub the Miracles [3:56]
A Lickle Dub [2:49]
I Have a Dub [3:07]


The Temple Rockers play incredibly varied and spiritually inspired Reggae connecting the Rasta and Jewish traditions through the miracle of music.

Festival of Dub is a remix of the group's October 2018 release Festival of Lights. Mixed by master engineer Craig "Dubfader" Welsch and produced by David Solid Gould, Festival of Dub is the 2nd release on Gould's label, Fresh Roots Records.

Festival of Dub is an analog production, recorded on 2" tape on an MCI JH 24-track machine. The production style sounds like a late 1970s Jamaican dub record.

The vocal version of this record, Festival of Lights, features legendary reggae singers Linval Thompson, Wayne Jarrett and Ansel Meditations. Their voices can also be heard sporadically throughout Festival of Dub, washed out in reverb and delay in a true roots dub style.