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Indie music label and distributor

Far Side Virtual


Release Date: 01 March 2013

Format: Digital

Label: Hippos In Tanks

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Linden Dollars 1:57
Global Lunch 2:13
Dubai Dream Tone 1:49
Sim 2:53
Bags 3:25
Pixarnia and the Future of Norman Rockwell 1:44
Palm Trees, Wi-Fi and Dream Sushi 2:39
Fro Yo and Cellular Bits 2:19
Google Poeises 3:51 James Ferraro
Starbucks, Dr. Seussism, and While Your Mac Is Sleeping 2:25
Adventures In Green Foot Printing 3:28
Dream On 3:08
Earth Minutes 4:17
Tomorrow's Baby of the Year 1:49
Condo Pets 3:31
Solar Panel Smile 4:08