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Release Date: 08 March 2010

Format: CD Album

Label: Fixit Records




Every Sentimental Moment
Game Over
Never Say Never
Longdon Hill
Calamity Lane


For a first album, this band had to do something unique, something that pushed the boundaries, made you think, and made you listen carefully... This, without question, is one of THE great debut albums.
Somehow, Kings Cross have arrived at where they are today, via venue bans, radio talk shows, fire, deportation, chaotic unlicensed shows, unsigned chart positions, mainstream press, Channel 4 nudity…
However, Kings Cross have an identity they are proud of – their diverse following compare them to every band under the sun. It would be too easy (and boring) to list all the comparators, but think somewhere between Queen, Kasabian, John Barry, Foo Fighters and Penderecki, and you'll be on the right track.
But still, Kings Cross and their debut album, Eyetunes, is musical dynamite: gleaming, chorus-driven anthems fused with thudding basslines, orchestral scores, electro fusion and inspired drum patterns. Furious epic crescendos give way to lilting moments of serenity.
Members of Kings Cross were once the leaders of art punk combo, Belisha… the same Belisha who, in early 2008, turned away two major labels.
The boys knew that Belisha was good – really good – but not as good as it could be. True to their style, they committed the ultimate act of musical bravery: they stuck a knife in the heart of a seriously successful project because they knew they could do better.
And in Kings Cross, they have.
The first two singles, 'Story Of Our Lives' and 'Every Sentimental Moment', from the album reached number seven in the indie charts and 43 in the national chart The lead single from the album, the massive 'Never Say Never Again', is released in March.
The band was mentored through the writing process by legendary names such as Greg Lake, Judy Dyble and Inspector Morse composer, Barrington Pheulong.
The band is never short of an opinion. Reviewers all over the world will also have plenty to say about this unique band, and their even more unique debut offering.