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Release Date: 22 June 2015

Format: Digital

Label: Speechless Records


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Painting Over Portraits [4:34]
Cold Colour Blue [4:53]
Safe House [5:52]
Watching You, Watching Me [6:36]


Camilo hail from Cambridgeshire and formed around 2014 as a two piece based on simplicity and previous musicianships having already been in place. The guys are looking to release a full length album in the future but for now they want to get some short bursts of passionate music out there in the form of EP's.

EP I was recorded locally in Autumn 2014 by David Leighton at River Run Studios, who also took to mixing duties. The EP will be the first official release from the guys and they have now looked into completing the line up as a 4 piece which will lead the band to tour and play shows in conjunction with the release during the remainder of 2015, heading back into the studio Autumn 2015 to record EP II.