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Entities - Anniversary Edition


Release Date: 29 July 2012

Format: Digital

Label: Transcend Music

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Empirical Proof (Part 1) 1:36
Risen Through The Ashes 3:40
Into A New Light 3:57
Dreams Without Courage 5:51
History Repeats 3:38
Traitor To You All Know 5:47
Horizon Burns 4:33
Empirical Proof (Part 2) 2:11
As Skys Turn Black 3:55
Nothing Left 2:57
A World Deceased 4:33
Bringer Of War 3:55
*Bonus Track* Reasons Lost 5:06


Brutal, Belligerent, Bold and undeniably British. Since bursting on to the UK metal music scene in 2007 with their critically acclaimed debut album 'Entities', MALEFICE have never been about compromise, doing exactly what they felt was right for them, their music has always been the backbone of this furious five piece from Reading, England