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Earthly Shrines E.P


Release Date: 01 December 2007

Format: 7inch Vinyl Single

Label: Onomatopoeia Records



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Serendity Doodah
Sister To The Night (unavailable elsewhere)
The Kissing Song
Kiln (unavailable elsewhere)


Earthy Shrine unites the twin worlds of William D Drake, songwriter and band leader, and William D Drake, pianist and composer in an eccentric, four track, 7 inch, double A side, split label EP.

Following in the spirit of the simultaneous release of his albums Briny
Hooves (sheBear) and Yew's Paw (onomatopoeia) earlier this year, Earthy
Shrine showcases the unique allure of Drake's music, with an outstanding
track from each release and an unheard gem from each of the albums'

'Serendipity Doodah' is a psyche-tinged, brass-driven stomp, the twistedly
anthemic star of Drake's recent live performances. From the darker side of
his rock menagerie comes the haunting 'Sister to the Night', an ornate piano lament and a perfect bridge to the two samples of Drake's idiosyncratic take on classical composition.

'The Kissing Song' possesses the multiple personality appeal typical of
Drake's piano work, but in its most accessible and compelling form,
emotional seduction taking the place usually reserved for surrealism. 'Kiln'
is a perfectly-formed, skewed miniature from the Yew's Paw sessions and,
like 'Sister to the Night', is released here for the first time.

This timeless compendium is both a treat for Drake's existing fans and a
perfect introduction for new listeners.