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Don't Look Back in Anger (Feat. Rhi'N'B)


Release Date: 22 October 2021

Format: Digital

Label: Zen8 Records

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Don't Look Back in Anger [3.00]


NBLM - have erupted onto the song writing scene with past releases through Universal, Sony, Spinnin' Records, Nervous, Aftr Hrs, Warner and more. Ranking up over 100 million views on YouTube NBLM have used their diverse musical backgrounds drawing influences from House, Techno, RnB, Pop and even Rock to step up to the plate in all genres with no limit to their creativity.

Don't Look Back In Anger -
A tropical house rendition of the timeless record, with alluring female fronted vocals and a rip roaring Sax solo. The perfect soundtrack for poolside cocktails.