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Don't Believe In Heroes EP


Release Date: 29 April 2012

Format: Digital

Label: Nova Sounds


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Shot Down By The Fuzz 3:45
Don't Believe In Heroes 2:57
I Promise I'll Be Good 3:51
Ultraviolence 3:09
Dusty Air 3:52


Following on from their opening trilogy of singles, The Supernovas return with their eagerly-awaited Don't Believe In Heroes EP.

Singer Joei Silvester said;; "It's basically more of a mini-album than an EP. Its the first release on our own label and we wanted to make it something that we could be truly proud of so we've basically put 5 potential singles on it!"

Lead guitarist Rizo said;; "We're all really excited about it. It's the best thing we've ever done".

Lyrically, the record takes on a range of current issues from the credit-crunch to the riots and is a primary account of life in Britain in 2012.

And also, in the writing credits, the 5th track - Dusty Air - should be credited as being written by: Joseph Silvester, Cesar Restrepo, Panashe Nyandoro, Moses Elliott