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Done Do'um


Release Date: 30 March 2015

Format: Digital

Label: Smokin' Durrys


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Barking dog [2:42]
Stomp me down girl [2:23]
Walk right into the blues [2:43]
Now she's gone [3:48]
Just shake hands [2:56]
Done gone blues [3:35]
Problem girl [3:31]
Feelin' fuzzy [1:59]


SMOKIN' DURRYS are a two-piece blues/garage rock duo studying music at Falmouth university. The blues-inspired duo offer us their own brand of unsanitary rock throughout, from the snarling and ferocious drumming to a spaghetti-western aura of guitar, this makes them a shoe-in to be found in some backwater Texan town in the next decade screaming their heads off and pouring JD down their throats. Smokin' Durrys fail to let up and let you breathe, instead they ram their hard hitting duo sound down your throat. You either like it or lump it with this pair, and with being named one of classic rock's 16 hottest new bands in the world they will easily leave you embodying a dozy hangover from Hell.