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by 69 CORP

Release Date: 29 November 2005

Format: CD Single

Label: Something in Construction



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This release is a limited to 300, hand numbered CD single.



Julie Christie. What a movie! Of course we ain't seen it since 1983 or something. But we remember how we felt afterwards.
Don't we.
And now, "Demonseed" the song. It is a cracker.
Nothing like that 12" they did with Howie B earlier this year. Nothing like any of the other songs on the forthcoming album either.

Just a little bit like 1983 though. But not so as you would notice. Big. Phat. Dubby. Electro. Discodelia.

A shadowy duo from Scotland.

69CORP have released one record. In March of this year. It was collaboration with Howie B. Still is. A gorgeous heavy vinyl 12" of twisted organic dub electro (sesame 006). Went down very well with everyone from Weatherall to Jockey Slut. We keep hearing it in people's sets in the dark and dirty clubs. Makes us smile.