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Death Of Us EP


Release Date: 10 July 2015

Format: Digital

Label: Glass Door Recordings


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Death Of Us [3:16]
Leave It All Behind [3:12]
Turn Out The Lights [3:32]
Watch Me [5:42]


The Blue Dawns are three mates who luckily share an intense passion for music, blues, travelling, and shaking things up a bit.

Their hometown is York, England. They were all born in 1993.

The band released 2 EPs in 2014&#59; I've Seen The Signs (April) and Against The Tide (November). They embarked on a 15-date UK tour in December and lived in their 20 year old Transit Van for three weeks.

And finally a humble quote from the band:
"We make music because it makes us happy, and will continue to do so until it no longer does. Hopefully, for the sake of humanity and all sentient beings, that day is a long way away."