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Release Date: 08 October 2012

Format: CD Album

Label: Headstomp Recordings



When the World is Gone
The Fallen Ones
Dead Inside
Endeavor the Dark
I am your God
Walk Into the Fire 
;;08. The Enemy
Death is certain, Life is not 
Ad Viventes
When Death Comes


"The Fallen Ones" is the new single from SPARZANZA. The song comes from the heavy Swedes sixth album, "Death is Certain , Life is Not " , that will be released on 10th October
The album was once again recorded at Leon Music with producer Rikard Löfgren, who helmed the bands previous three CDs and has also worked with such other artists as Deathstars and Vomitory.

Early in the progress, SPARZANZA unanimously stated the following about the new record.
"This time we have dug a little bit further in our minds, trying to create a darker and heavier album, but still having focus on writing good melodies" and so it went...
The opening track of the album with it´s apocalyptic title, "When the world is Gone" is a 3,21 long adrenaline bomb that will smash you up repetitive to a 2/4 beat.

SPARZANZA also added a lot more percussion parts to the songs, powerful dark choirs. This time they also wanted to use live strings in what became their longest recording process up to date. The singer Fredrik is a long time conneiseur of the Horror genre and speaks about the title.
"Horror movies have always been an inspiration to the band. Somewhere along the way we realized that all of the songs were about different aspects and thought of the term Death, and yes we are ok! Not depressed or anything! Just because we write songs about death, does not mean that we in any way glorify it. We want our fans and people in general to have a drink and enjoy themselves as much as we do. But we are fascinated about Death as a phenomena, it is something all living creatures have in common and surely know very little about."

The last three songs on the album form a symbolic trilogy.

Starting off with the solid groove monster title track – "Death is Certain , Life is Not".

SPARZANZA wanted to make a salute to the ones who made it in life, or managed to live further even though the odds were against them. The song "Ad Viventes" is the result of that. The darkesque choir and the fact that the verses are sung in Latin gives the track it's uniqe caracter.
The album sums up perfectly with its powerful magnum opus, "When Death Comes".
This epic song is about the thoughts of a man who had lived a long life, but now is lying on his deathbed. This track grows in every way, every single time you will hear it. All things must come to an end, just like the album will reach its final track. The physical Death is one of the inevitable facts of life.