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Dead of the Night


Release Date: 26 August 2022

Format: Digital

Label: The Crooked Suit Collective


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Dead of the Night [4:35]


Lady Noir are a fully original 5-piece 'Junk Jazz' band based in Plymouth. The band started in 2014 as a pair and in time has become a collection of enigmatic and mysterious musos who emerged from the shadowy backstreets of the Barbican. Their unique brand of entertainment fuses the chromatic crazy of Chris 'Le Hat' on guitar and the sultry tones of Hannah 'Shady Lady' Leach dueted with Alfonso 'Garcia' Garcia on sax. The funk and rock influences of bassist Mark 'Trigger' Stuart with the percussive prowess of Andy ' 'Ole Chocolate Wrists' Naumann giving the project that gritty Junk feel.

Their third single release; Dead of the Night is a song from the first years of the Lady Noir duo and has been rearranged as the band has come together. A sultry Jazz number written in the early pensive hours of a morning, a love song and a lesson learnt in the long run.