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Dave? Funny Name for a Girl


Release Date: 13 November 2006

Format: CD Single

Label: Gaia Media



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1 Dave? Funny Name for a Girl
2 Progress Has Stopped
3 The Moment is Now
4 Dave? (video)


John has worked with many distinguished musicians and producers throughout his musical journey. These include: Martin Grech, Tim Bradshaw (David Gray, Fat Lady Sings), Dylan Howe (Blockheads, Son of Steve Howe from 'Yes', Gabrielle), Diz Minnitt (Orginal bass player for Marillion), and Mike Roarty (Howard Jones, The Pale).

John Zealey on the inspiration behind "Dave? Funny Name for a Girl":

"The lyrics in Dave were mostly inspired by my buddy Kirk. We have been huge Star Trek fans since we were kids. I met him when he was 12 and he's plays guitar in my band. I remember talking for hours about how big the Enterprise was in 'real life' and how long it would be before that technology became 'real'."

John Zealey is a truly unique musician, who knows what is important in life and what makes good entertainment. Who better to teach us about the joys of life than someone who loves their own?