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Cure The Animal


Release Date: 31 October 2011

Format: Digital

Label: Sounds Massive


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Cure The Animal 3:07


"…The songs teem with angular and emotive rock n' roll moves and are literally seething with inventive, edgy sonic pop music. Plainly the sound of a band who know they've nailed it." (Time Out).BETA-RAYS are a massive attack of pure pop/rock which comprises a melodic and harmonic rock band who have one main aim - to write the ultimate pop/rock album. Their music can only be described as epic pop music with guitars and harmonies reminiscent of Beach Boys and Byrds with vast shifts in love, life and laughter! George's vocals are bursting with character and conviction, fused with thumping pop beats and the writing ethics of Lennon and McCartney. They are indeed the hybrid children of The Beatles, Stones and The Knack! Fast gaining a great live reputation on the London club scene, Beta-Rays release a new single in the UK on 31 October. With radio - friendly tunes flowing from their very beings, be prepared to catch Beta-Rays at a venue near you soon!