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Release Date: 08 July 2022

Format: Digital



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Conception [4:31]

The Night Wanes [4:32 ]

Born Of New Flesh [4:10]

Revelation [4:48 ]

Wither [2:50]

Meaning Died Destroying [3:46]

Now, Human [3:46]

From Afar It Follows [6:37]

We Come Forth (Breathing) [4:28]

Pain Unearthed (Brutalized Art) [3:50]

The Mind Of Masses [4:42]

Elusive [6:24]


Diametrically opposed realities. The accumulation of human decisions regarded as a force of nature. Mediation of experience. Disaster, strife, homelessness are the only vantage points from outside the Machine and represent the only relief from its controls, but only for a moment. These outsider positions are too close to the Machine to provide a view of the whole and the freedom granted merely provide the time it takes the Machine to pull back and get a good momentum going on its hammer to strike with all its deadly force.

Money and power, those tokens of approval of the machine, evidence of that elusive magical current the Machine giveth and the Machine taketh away. The War Machine, the Surveillance Machine, the Indoctrination Machine, the Pleasure Machine, all are often seen as distinct constructions. The machine whose function is to divert attention from the beast, the machine to shape thought, the machine to conquer, to imprison. Each of these is but aspects of the whole. We created it. We feed it every day. It is as doomed as we are.

In the Necrofuture, the dead shall rise again, and exact their price. You are here. We greet you. We come forth, woven together.