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Come on Up To Our House


Release Date: 04 July 2007

Format: CD Single

Label: Sensible Records



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1 Come on Up To Our House
2 Rapidemente


Music is confused, is it Anti-folk? Is it Nu-rave? Is it dance-rock?
Indie-dance? Kraut-rock? Post-rock? In a world of where the trends are constantly changing, music genre's infinite and Hadouken, there will thankfully always be a place for a band like Captain Black;; a band with a penchant for happy times and refreshingly are not trying to reinvent the scene.

There's no pretence here, Captain Black are singing about good times based on actual good times, whether in be their home in Camden or they're surrogate home in Holloway, you cant help get the feeling that the single Come On Up To Out House is a direct invite around.
This is the third single from the guys, the last 'Parish bells" released on Truck Records, while the first was also released by Sensible records and reached number 30 in teletext top 50 singles of 2006.