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Clothed With The Sun


Release Date: 28 September 2009

Format: CD Album

Label: MUNCH Records




I should be the one
Clothed with the sun
Break my words
Million stars
Separated lives
Always yours
Enemy is me



"...when you finally see them play live, prepare to be shocked into loving them. Laptop apples will glow, analogue pedals will hum but you will see raw passion and power in glorious handfuls..."
Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music Introducing

"Beautiful, epic atmospheric soundscapes topped with chiming guitars"
Plymouth Herald

"This is a 3 piece band with a big, epic, swelling sound that just sucks you in and refuses to let go"
Sal, New York Blogger"

BLUE KNIVES LOVE SOUND. They are not concerned about trends, fashion or what sounds good in any one month. They refuse to follow;; instead, they create their own drive.

Think about the sound of heavy chiming guitars and beautiful raw power, loud and consuming. Think about why you love powerful, epic British indie, fast hi-hats, pounding kicks, edgy bass, and the band with their heads down, really going for it. Then you're getting close.

Clothed With The Sun is the Mercury Prize entered, long awaited Blue Knives debut featuring 12 songs which will make the indie world sit up and take notice. Featuring the singles Erode, Battleships and Always yours, the Blue Knives sound is a lethal cocktail of contemporary stadium indie infused with progressive rock, mixing odd time signatures, dynamic shifts, raw power and epic soundscapes.