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Closer In


Release Date: 20 June 2005

Format: CD Single

Label: Genepool



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1. Closer In
2. Falling On Cedars
3. Sold Me A Ride (Video)


Only the greatest guitar bands know intuitively just how long to hold a sound. The Spacemen knew it, the Valentines knew it.

This is Lyca Sleep and they know it too. Hailing from somewhere in Yorkshire, but with one eye looking for the space between the stars, they trawl the motorways and fringes of the country night after night, building a fan base by word of mouth and consistently stunning live performances. Elsewhere Radio 1's Steve Lamacq's ears prick up to the "big, swirling, psychedelic loops of guitar." Every song is epic, rising from quiet traces of distant melody to crashing, ear-splitting finishes, every peak higher than the last.

A second salvo is unleashed on 20th June 2005. 'Closer In' is the jewel in Lyca Sleep's live set, captured but untamed in its expansive, anthemic six and half minute splendour. Liquid guitars rise and crash like early Verve in a floatation tank, intricately woven threads ebb and swirl into a crashing finale that towers over anything out there right now and sounds ready to take on the world. 'Falling On Cedars' find the band in a quieter, more reflective mood. Acoustic guitars guide you gently through and to the most sublime dream you ever had. Then 'Inches Of Air' lifts you somewhere else, a ride through dusty roads baked in a blistering heat wave, through shifting sands and florid sunsets a world away from the rain-lashed streets of its birthplace. It's as beautiful as it's is addictive.