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City Of Culture


Release Date: 10 July 2015

Format: Digital

Label: Straight Lines Are Fine


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City Of Culture [3:38]


Brooding post-punk trio Slow Riot formed against the backdrop of a nationwide recession in their native Ireland in late 2013. The irony of their hometown, Limerick, being awarded 'City Of Culture' a few months later was not lost on them, the band channelling their frustrations into a 3min post-punk sardonic paean to what was happening around them. And it's this blast of angular, chiming guitars and half spoken / half shouted vocals that will act as the band's debut single in 2015.

Infusing their indebted post-punk influences - Gang of Four, Television, Wire - with more contemporary bands such as Girl Band and Future of the Left, dark, swooning guitars are layered over deep, rumbling bass tones reminiscent of the early garage-rock of The Horrors, whilst the unorthodox songwriting keeps the sound totally refreshing.