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Release Date: 11 January 2017

Format: Digital

Label: Star From Ivy Records


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Call To Alms [3:27]
A Reason [5:00]
Sounds Like Crows [3:53]
I Can't Breathe [3:24]
Imago [4:21]
Slumberland [4:36]
Wall Of Sound [2:37]
Soul [2:50]
Blood [4:32]
The Only One [4:16]
Proud [4:22]
Circularity [4:02]
Lifelines [6:11]
Answers [4:52]


Circularity is the second album length release from Midland UK's epic rock band, Star From Ivy.

Star From Ivy are:
Chris Baldwin
Dan Baker
Mark Maczkowski
Steve Gibbs

The official CD version of Star From Ivy's Circularity is released as it was designed to be heard. Expertly mastered by award-winning engineer Pete Maher (U2, Nine Inch Nails, The Killers) as a unique listening experience and sequenced in a different way to all other releases, the CD version is a must-have for anyone who loves that big epic sound of Star From Ivy!

The album is part of a wider online and social media project to help people explore many aspects of living in today's world, and for all who experience it to become happier in their own lives.

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