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Children Know The Score


Release Date: 27 June 2005

Format: CD Single

Label: Necessary Records




1. Children Know The Score
2. Starvation Cove
3. The Past Is An Albatross


In November 2003, Distophia released their debut mini album 'Soda Lake'. It was an ear-bleeding, noisy rush - eight tracks recorded live in just over ten hours. Eight crafty pop gems laced with golden melody and smothered and battered under layer after layer of the kind of brutal, unrestrained noise that only a group of wide eyed teenagers can produce. It was the first release on Necessary Records - a label that shared the band's healthy disrespect for fashion, hype and throwaway superlatives - and ironically became the subject of the kind of hype and superlatives the band had shied away from…

"This young quartet have adopted Sonic Youth's dirty chug combined it with Dinosaur Jr-style guitar and Pavement-esque vocals then blown the whole package sky high. Stunning!" yelled Kerrang. "Excellent noise debut. Just how ear bleeding noise should be" added NME while Drowned In Sound simply stated "Distophia are the best band on the planet". Radio 1, XFM and MTV2 went beserk over the album's lead track 'Joanne' and tours followed with the likes of Jetplane Landing and Modey Lemon. Chancing upon Distophia at a sold out London show, an open mouthed Yeah Yeah Yeahs simply described them as "awesome".

Now Distophia return with a new single 'Children Know The Score'. Recorded during a lengthier stay at Birmingham's Vicarage Studios with producer Tom Livemore, 'Children…' is an incendiary piece of raucous, amp-blowing pop – the band's debut single proper and the first single to be taken from Distophia's forthcoming second album 'Beat Dyslexia' which will be released later in the year.

The single also comes backed with two exclusive new tracks – the stunning 'Starvation Cove' (which will also feature on 'Beat Dyslexia') and 'The Past Is Am Albatross'