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Chiaroscuro EP


Release Date: 16 January 2015

Format: Digital

Label: Dream Machine Records


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Mariana [4:08]
Night Flight [5:08]
Fortune of Time ( NaBat ) [8:52]


In 2013, Eleanor Hardwick and Beau Hulse started to experiment in making music, with an aim to approach sound as another medium of art by placing the music within appropriate multi-sensory environments.

Using a mixture of electronic hardware and found organic instruments, the songs sit in a strange middle ground between pop and narrative soundtracks.

The sound elements of the work are thus only a fragment of the story;; the rest of that story being told through the experimentation of combining music with photography, video, zines and performance art.

Moonbow's debut EP "Chiaroscuro" will be released 16 January 2015 via Dream Machine Records. It will be available on 10" lathe cut vinyl with an accompanying zine, and also digitally via Genepool.