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Chasing Tokyo


Release Date: 19 August 2022

Format: Digital

Label: Brother Music


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Grandeur (Prelude) [1:07]

Grandeur [0:49]

Pulsar I [1:20]

Overcoming Hardship [3:06]

Euphoria [3:19]

Mounting Pressure [1:26]

Stillness [2:12]

Rivalry I [3:44]

Wonder (Prelude) [2:47]

Against The Wind [1:50]

Portland [4:32]

Euphoria (Reprise) [1:31]

The Games [2:49]

Battle Of The Water [1:27]

Battle Of The Mind [2:20]

Rivalry II [1:43]

Down To The Wire [2:24]

One Step Back [2:39]

Counting Down [2:37]

Stillness (Epilogue) [1:32]

Pulsar II [3:04]

Wonder [2:19]

Blink Of An Eye feat. Jens Kuross [2:57]


Chasing Tokyo is the debut album release by Brother Music, a producer / composer that works day to day on soundtracks for films and adverts but at long last is branching into the world of commercial music. Originally written for a feature length film this project was adapted into a more traditional album. Chasing Tokyo takes the listener on a journey, reaching a finale with 'Blink Of An Eye feat. Jens Kuross' - the first of a string of tracks that team up with up and coming vocal talent.