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Carapace Of Glass


Release Date: 19 January 2022

Format: Digital

Label: Clinical Finish Records


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Carapace of Glass


Riding The Low were formed in 2006 by Paddy Considine, after he had a revelation watching indie rockers Guided By Voices. The band are named after a quote from a Lee Marvin biography that Considine had given his father as a gift. Upon reading the book after his father's death, Considine knew instantly that this would be the name of his band.

Their new album titled: 'The Death Of Gobshite Rambo' sees them finding their studio groove. Produced by Gavin Monaghan at Magic Garden studios, Riding The Low finally found the right spiritual home to record. 'Gobshite Rambo' is their most complete work to date. With potential singles 'Black Mass', 'Spinning Like Us All' and front runner 'Carapace of Glass' the band sonically and lyrically explore themes of triumph and loss and expand their repertoire by introducing beautiful arrangements and punchy brass. The album is galvanised by huge anthems 'Wake Me Up When It's Over', 'A Crisis Common Stuck' and 'Tommy Hawk', the latter pays homage to Adam and the Ants with its Native American chanting on the chorus.

'Gobshite Rambo' is due for release in early 2022. The band are due to head into the studio later this year to record the follow-up 'Of The World Form Dead Zones'. Paddy: We have six albums written, all lined up like movies. Each has a different theme, but they all seem to link. Lyrically 'Gobshite Rambo' speaks a lot about my childhood, but 'Dead Zones' speaks about the world at large. Particularly what has been happening in the past eighteen months or so.'