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Brixton Hillbilly Singles Club #2


Release Date: 01 May 2017

Format: Digital

Label: Brixton Hillbilly


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Feel It [3:15]
Be Friends [2:53]


A record label built out of need, love & pocket to bring you the sounds of the town we love. Bank rolled by the good people of Brixton Hill Studios. No agenda so to speak of, other than "we like you, we like your tunes". In round two, entering the ring we find Hurtling & Creepy Neighbour. Influenced by 90s US alt-rock Hurtling's pop sensibilities come drowned in spiky guitars, intricate bass lines & underpinned by driving drums. On returning from a Bloody Valentine's tour, Jen Macro (vocals/guitar) found herself with a clutch of songs born on the road & in hotel rooms. Recording began with Jon Clayton (drums) at his Onecat Simon & Simon Kobayashi (bass) which moulded itself into Hurtling. Creepy Neighbour create nothing short of a glorious pop sound. Whirling FM synths, choppy, poppy drums. Sweet vocal melodies that fill you with 80's tinged joy making you think that maybe that the much maligned decade was just misunderstood?