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Bludevotion E.P (Heavy Black Vinyl)


Release Date: 21 November 2011

Format: 12inch Vinyl E.P

Label: Black Records



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Side A:
1. Bludevotion
2. I'll wander on
Side B:
1. Back Of The Noose
2. Lotus Eats Pale Receipts


"An earth angel launches into outer orbit for this sci-fi lullaby… Genuflex has left the coldly terrestrial behind to wind up right where he belongs;; in the stars" NME

"Sparse and dubsteppy beats meet sumptuous and eerie soundscapes from wondrously minimal electronicist Finn Vine… For fans of James Blake and Zola Jesus alike" Time Out

"If Antony Hegarty were to ever add his dulcet tones to a soundscape created by Scott Walker for a Lynchian take on 'American Psycho', the outcome might not sound too dissimilar to the icy and emotive tones of Genuflex" Dazed & Confused

"Genuflex is soaring pop in its truest form;; big, bold and with just a little hint of danger amongst all the anguish and pain…Genuflex is something special" Abeano