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Black Euro


Release Date: 06 November 2006

Format: 7inch Vinyl Single

Label: Universal Music



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A: Black Euro
B: Eyes Of A Ghost


Its time for a new musical revolution. Its time for an injection of urgency and vitality back into punk rock n roll - ladies and gentleman, -its time for Disco Ensemble.
The word is truly out on Finland's best-kept secret and there isn't a hint of the goth or doom rock that the country is renowned for breeding in sight.
Recorded at Fascination Street Studio in Örebro, Sweden (Millencolin, Katatonia, Soilwork) under producer Jens Bogrens tight supervision, bringing in Hives producer Pelle Gunnerfeldt to re-record four songs has only added to this vibe. It all started when Mikko and Jussi got their first instruments at the age of 12 and slowly built up their skills on a steady diet of early Metallica, Refused and At the Drive-In.
Initially playing under the guise of Disco (they were later forced to amend their name due to a Finish electronic pop outfit having the same moniker) the band quickly gained some local notoriety. Scrawling the word Disco on gig posters ensured kids showed up expecting to dance. Little did the unsuspecting dance-hungry kids know they were going to witness one of the most explosive rock shows of their lives.
Vocalist Miikka was one such kid, and in 2000 he actually went from attending one of the shows, to joining the band, first on guitar and then ultimately switching to vocals.