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Beyond The Syntax (Digibook)


Release Date: 02 May 2014

Format: CD Album

Label: Coleman Records



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Video World
Standing On Solid Ground
Come Walk With Me
I Am Far Away
What Is Real?
Beyond The Syntax
I Feel Connected
High Time
S.U.N Shine In My Life


Music therapy provided the window - Kyle's debut album (Therefore I Am) got people listening.
now it's time to let the music do the talking...

Kyle Coleman is a non-verbal autistic singer hailing from Cornwall UK. Music therapy has helped give him a voice.
Kyle has developed a remarkable ability to learn and perform songs but remains unable to communicate verbally nor speak more than a few words.

This, Kyle's second album 'Beyond the Syntax', features 12 original tracks written especially for Kyle, touching on various aspects of autism and his life. No two ways about it, this album is probably not what you're going to expect… It is diverse, ranging from the upbeat commercial to the uplifting beautiful, the melancholy and the downright obscure! There is something for everyone. This ground breaking album will take you on a journey of light and dark, the beautiful and eclectic, the commercial to the obscure as you find out more about Kyle's world whilst witnessing how Kyle has truly found his voice

Kyle has truly developed as a singer since recording his debut album 'Therefore I Am' in 2012. This new album shows off how he has stretched himself, and is shaping his sound and perhaps is an insight in what's to come next?

Kyles mother and lyricist writes;; "The intent of this album has been shaped by our own personal story of how autism has touched our lives. Our inspiration for thesong lyrics came from research, observation, intuition, experience and by aligning with autism in a way that we could see the world through the eyes of a person with autism. It's been an exciting and magical project, and at times has taken us beyond our own beliefs and limitations. Now a greater musical and creative synergy has taken place between us - one that is seminal and ever evolving. And so the journey continues…"