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Benefit Beats 2


Release Date: 19 May 2015

Format: Digital

Label: IATMJ


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All In It Together
Brown Envelope
A Smooth Transition To A New Regime
Avalon Arcade
Tang Of Piss (In The Underpass)
Department Of Digits
I Won't Let My Dad Grow Up Thinking His Mum's Another Man's Son
Flashman's Trip
My Constituency
We're All Krankies Now
Pacing Round A Cold House
Jobseeking Missile
The Emperor's New Broom
Dance Of The Pig People
Silly Money
9.30 Appointment
Dance Of The Dog People
Chipping Norton Networking Event Horizon
Wet House
Angry About A Lot Of Things
Bagpuss Headvoice
The Possibility Of Hope
Dance Of The Rat People
Pressgang Scamadeus Jobstart
Red Letters
Not Listening
Champion Lover, Top Dog
Protected By Power
Bull's Pizzle
Living In a Loophole
Sojourn And Saudade
Word On The Street/Walk In The Park
Give My Regards To Broadmead


IATMJ extends the parameters of what you can do with live sample processing using the generative potency of our bespoke audio engine.

IATMJ delivers that rare electro-acoustic-interplay-of-analogue-digital-with-zero-latency;; the interplay of fingers, strings and wood, all captured, carved and shaped into glistening electronic textures (like kaleidoscopic ice sculptures glistening in the race memory of our mesozoic minds).

Within this responsive, improvised continuum thingy, IATMJ is free to steer the music in any number of structured or random directions (like riding a drugged bull across a building site), whilst the software keeps everything in tune and in time. The only problem being that the music evolves faster than we can record it (its like that cake the womens institute make that keeps growing in your fridge).