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Beneath The Veiled Embrace


Release Date: 12 October 2009

Format: CD Album

Label: Golden Axe



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Sweet Cantation 3:54
Sarah (Bury Her) 4:31
Tristan 4:10
Ride For Glory 4:42
My Pale Prince 4:46
Eternal Darkness 5:01
What You Wish For 4:15
Oedipus 5:28
Army Of The Damned 4:25
No Compromise 5:13


PYTHIA are a group of classical and metal inspired musicians brought together by a love of gothic literature and Metal and fronted by Emily Alice Ovenden, a published novelist and member of the number one selling band Mediaeval Baebes.
'Beneath The Veiled Embrace' was completed with Danish mixmaster Jacob Hansen at the finish line best known for his work on prominent metal acts such as Rob Rock, Destruction, Hatesphere & The Wildhearts. A guest appearance from much loved English actor, Brian Blessed s sets the scene for the track 'Army Of The Damned'.
PYTHIA have already supported acts such as Tarja , Ministry and Fields Of The Nephelim. After a series of spectacular shows at venues including Shepherd's Bush Empire, The Forum and The Electric Ballroom, PYTHIA have been chosen to represent the female Gothic community at one of the UK's largest Metal festivals Bloodstock Open Air 09

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