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Behold The Eve Of Ruin


Release Date: 26 May 2011

Format: Digital

Label: Transcend Music

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Behold The Eve Of Ruin 3:28


The real deal, folks. That's what four-piece, UK metal powerhouse Seven Year Kismet bring. Behold The Eve Of Ruin reminds us of why Seven year Kismet created such a buzz with their debut single 'The Shame Of Grace': furious riffs, uncompromising heaviness and thunderous metal grooves. Hard and fast. Brace yourselves. Make right with your loved ones...

Despite their tender years – the four members of Seven Year Kismet's average age is a mere 21 years – the band has been slaughtering stages and audiences throughout the UK and the world since 2005. And they've left an impressive trail of destruction in their wake.

Prominent South African music journalist, Gordon Laws (Mojodojo, FHM Magazine SA)says "...we're dying for them to return. These kids have got it all;; righteous technicality, blazing riffs, vocals straight from hell and, crucially, they're genuinely nice dudes. May their rise to dominance be swift, and their reign lengthy..."