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Indie music label and distributor

Beat Dyslexia


Release Date: 17 November 2008

Format: CD Album

Label: Necessary Records




1 Children vs. Ghosts 3:58
2 Children Know the Score 2:21
3 Brind'amour 1:38
4 Princeton T. Porpoise 2:13
5 Starvation Cove 2:09
6 Robert Redford 3:48
7 Wolf In the Delivery Room 3:54
8 Children vs. Skellingtons 1:55
9 Evil Baroness Evil Baroness 2:54
10 What the Milf 5:16
11 Blue Shins 2:48
12 Thug Passion 3:02
13 Street Grandad Peric 4:27




Distophia: no more for yer

by Mike Diver

The worst headline ever can't mask the hard fact of this matter: Birmingham's Distophia - ever so good, y'know - have called it quits.

The four-piece's long-awaited debut album, Beat Dyslexia, never actually found its way to release. Do we blame the label in question? We could, but let us not wag guilt-sniffing fingers at this juncture. Here's a MySpace bulletin thing:

Unfortunately we have decided to call it day. Thanks to all the people who've helped us out along the way. We just couldn't hold on any longer. We will try and sort out an online shop for those of you who still want Beat Dyslexia. We will have a new band at some point in the future but Distophia is now officially over.

And that, as I'm about to conclude, is that. I interviewed Distophia once. They were nice. I saw one of them throw up once, too. That, not so nice.