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Battling Robots, Live at Copper Rooms 2


Release Date: 18 September 2020

Format: Digital

Label: Dead Eye Duck Tapes


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Intro // Jetlag [4:35]

57th Street // Bandter [4:10]

Meet Me at the Bar // Outro [7:44]


A Live EP

Gritty, Fun, Powerful, Riff, Serious, Not That Serious, Rock.

"With These Machines: The large hadron collider exploded. And then made sweet rock." Jordan Quinn, President of Resound Society.

"All three band members were locked-in and tight throughout the set, synchronising vocals on many occasions to deliver belting choruses and reckless wails." Michael Perry, Warwick Boar.

Explosive Alt Rock smashing out of Bristol and Coventry. Three men, three instruments, big sounds.

With These Machines have catchy choruses, interesting timings and heavy rock tones. With a huge stage presence for a three piece, they keep a feel good attitude through their sets and enjoy a laugh while keeping their playing professional.