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Bad Mind/Camden Rox


Release Date: 06 August 2007

Format: 7inch Vinyl Single

Label: Vibes & Pressure/Mucha Music




A. Badmind
AA. Camden Rox


The Badmind / Camden Rox double A side single is the debut musical output from talented north Londoner Natty. Released via his own Vibes & Pressure label with the help of another budding label, Mucha Music, the record introduces this young singer-songwriter and producer who's currently generating ripples of positive interest which are destined to quickly turn into tidal waves of success.

As clearly shown by the two self produced, written, sung and played songs on offer here Natty's future is blindingly bright. However, his path to this point began in dimly lit studios making tea for others and quietly absorbing the atmosphere and goings on around him. Natty soon graduated from brewing tea to making beats and engineering for, and recording with, the studio's bands. Simultaneously, and unbeknownst to those around him, Natty privately started melding lyrics into songs, and, in more recent times decided to make the jump to being a self-contained artist in his own right by "putting the two sides of me together just to see wa gwan." The results of his endeavors to date have seen Natty attract the attentions of a number of labels, and work is well underway on further Vibes & Pressure releases to follow Badmind and Camden Rox.

Opener Badmind contains contemplative and earthy vocals underpinned by reversed dubbed-out beats. Flipside Camden Rox is a more upbeat, pop affair and paean to North London's "borough of rock n roll". Musically Natty couples the sounds of his city-dwelling upbringing and a youth spent listening to a range of defining albums and artists of the late 20th Century: from David Bowie to Dillinja, Van Morrison to Velvet Underground, Jimi Hendrix to Joy Division, Prince to Pink Floyd, Slum Village to Sizzla, Lee Perry, The Clash, Neil Young and more. The lazy may see reggae as the exhaustive definition of Natty's creations, and whilst the rock infused dub and calypso sonic stylings are undoubtedly there, our leading mans talents and inspirations also touch on folk, punk, hip-hop, soul, pop and indie. The net result is a true original with as much in common with Bob Dylan as Bob Marley.