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Baber / Wileman


Release Date: 10 January 2022

Format: Digital

Label: Believers Roast


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FOUR [1:05]

Souvenir [4:45]

Mondo Profondo 4 [5:35]

THREE audio slow [1:57]

Emperor [6:46]

Passing Wave [6:43]

2009 [4:06]

Day Follows Night [5:49]

The Birth Of Spring [2:37]


Matt Baber (Sanguine Hum) and Richard Wileman (Karda Estra) release a new collaboration album on Kavus Torabi's Believers Roast label on Monday 10th January 2022.

Richard first met Matt at Roastfest in 2011 where Sanguine Hum were performing and soon afterwards they did their first collboration track Mondo Profondo 1 which appeared on the Karda Estra album Mondo Profondo.

They began collaborating again at the end of 2020. It was initially meant to be one or two tracks but the sessions went so well, they continued co-composing through 2021 and the project evolved into an album. Richard's long time collaborator Amy Fry (vocals / clarinet) also makes guest appearences on three tracks.

Matt Baber - keyboards, drums
Richard Wileman - guitars, vocals, bass, keyboards
Amy Fry - vocals, clarinet