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Ave Maria 'I Say'


Release Date: 29 May 2020

Format: Digital

Label: Anna Tam


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'Ave Maria' I Say [5:17]


We are multi-instrumentalists, singers, composers, and performers exploring the exquisite historical music and folk stories of the British Isles.

Wilde Roses - led by singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and passionate researcher Anna Tam and featuring singer and medieval wind performer Emily Baines, and medieval plucked string and percussion performer Arngeir Hauksson - are musically and visually inspired by the medieval and renaissance world. Our repertoire is drawn from illuminated manuscripts, courtly song books, Elizabethan broadside ballads and the folk tradition. Fascinated by the stories in these songs - medieval religious imagery so beautifully infused with nature; renaissance tales of piracy, jilted lovers and general folly alongside some of the most sincere and tender love songs that reach to the heart of life and human relationships - we are moved by a desire to explore and recreate the sound world of this historical repertoire and to share these exquisite songs with present day audiences.

'Ave Maria' I Say is our version of a hauntingly beautiful song found in an English manuscript from 1400.