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Autumn Eye


Release Date: 23 November 2014

Format: Digital

Label: Owltextures


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Dark Moss and Cold Heart [5:12]

Bed of Mud [3:35]

Hermegant and Maladine [5:24]

Light Appearing [1:45]

Pieces of People [4:42]

Tethered [4:07]

Bright Shadows [0:58]


Emily Jones (daughter of '60s psych folk artist Al Jones) has never been cool and hopefully never will be. Originally from Cornwall, these days she lives high up on the Downs in Wiltshire, amidst chalk and apple trees. Most of her songs are about dust or bees.

Autumn Eye is her second album, released in 2014.

"Particularly lovely romantic folk narratives with a dark-woods chill of pastoral melancholy" - MOJO

"Her roots go through that line of literary Englishness...lost and lovely psych, with Jones's marvellous voice a wraith-like presence that is both childlike and ageless" - Dave Thompson

"Wistful and melancholic at times but always with a subtle warmth and gentleness, there is genuine sense of magic and wonder in these songs" - The Active Listener