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Artificial Perfect


Release Date: 07 May 2007

Format: CD Album

Label: Submission Records



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1. The Leather Sea (vocals by Gary Numan)
2. Truth
3. Healing (vocals by Gary Numan)
4. Everything Changes
5. One Day
6. Recall (vocals by Gary Numan)
7. Slide Away (vocals by Gary Numan)
8. Burn
9. Machine


'Gary Numan is as vital as ever . . . the Godfather is back and here to stay.' KERRANG MAGAZINE, 2006

'Without Gary Numan there would be no industrial scene. His music is a million times more haunting than anything this modern-day scene has to offer. Gary Numan still proves to the likes of Manson and co once and for all who the Daddy really is.' BIG CHEESE, 2006

'Gary Numan's music is great because it's so f**king cold sounding.' TRENT REZNOR, NINE INCH NAILS
'Gary Numan had more influence on me than Kraftwerk ever did - he's the dark side of electronica.' DAVE CLARKE

'Electro and hip hop wouldn't have existed without Gary Numan. Numan is into mad, dark electronica.' TREVOR JACKSON

Artist/DJ/producer Ade Fenton and Gary Numan have collaborated on a new album Artificial Perfect, due for release through Submission Records/Universal on May 7. This follows the release of the Ade Fenton vs Gary Numan single on April 16 and major features on Gary Numan in Future Music (an 8-page cover feature, out in Feb) and Plan B.

Until last year, Fenton was best known for his independent techno record label Perverter which has provided the perfect platform for the kind of harsh, twisted soundscapes epitomised by his brutal Confessions of an English Psychopath single.
However in 2006 Ade Fenton co-produced Gary Numan's Jagged album, described by Q Magazine as a 'shudder-fest of consistent quality', while Mojo enthused: 'it is supremely confident and the innovator of the late 1970s never sounds like he's trying to play catch-up.' According to Metal Hammer, 'If 2000's Pure album brought Numan back into focus, then Jagged gives his music fresh shape and vitality.'

After co-producing Jagged which came out in spring 2006, Fenton spent the next few months working on his own solo debut album Artificial Perfect, a heavy electronic album with elements of Cabaret Voltaire, Nine Inch Nails, Motor, Aphex Twin and Front 242. Fenton wrote all nine tracks, fronting some of the material himself but also working with Numan on four songs - Healing, The Leather Sea, Slide Away and Recall. A third singer Helen Tilley adds an atmospheric edge to the likes of Everything Changes and Burn. Artificial Perfect is due out through Submission/Genepool Distribution on May 7.

Ade Fenton remains an demand DJ with a schedule that has taken him across the globe, from Europe to North and South America;; Malaysia to Australia. He continues to hold his 9 year residency at English techno superclub Atomic Jam, and electrify audiences worldwide with his fierce DJ sets that fuse thunderous drums with electro and industrial elements, as exemplified by his recent Live At Maida Vale performance for BBC Radio 1. He is currently adding DJ dates to an Artificial World tour that will include sets in Brazil, the UK, South Africa, Colombia and Belgium. Fenton also begins work on a new Gary Numan album in spring 2007.