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April & I


Release Date: 12 March 2007

Format: CD Album

Label: Raygun



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Packaged as a limited edition cardboard children's book

1. April's Theme
2. April
3. Worst Day
4. Take It Or Leave It
5. School Bully
6. I Gave Her My Number
7. Honkin' (On My Crackpipe)
8. Grown Up & Away
9. April & I
10. Imaginary


Like a firework falling slowly from the sky,
The pain was all theirs and the pleasure all mine
Then suddenly it came to me, I'm the one who's imaginary,
I guess all good things are make-believe

'April & I' is the dark symphonic musical tale of a loser kid and his imaginary friend on their quest to grow up trouble free. Follow the pair as they meet up, beat the amino acids out of the school bully, make vain attempts to score with girls, get high at a mental Scottish house party, and eventually grow up and away from each other.

Composed and recorded in a smelly student flat in Kemptown, Brighton, in Summer 2006 by a teenage Paul Steel, 'April & I' features additional vocals from Kate Walsh and the Little Tiny Bill Symphonic Choir.
Packaged in a cardboard book, with story illustrations by Paul Steel 'April & I' is an epic journey gently nudging you through the three primary human emotions: Happy, Sad and Stoned...

The debut from wunderkind Paul Steel is a veritable masterwork of pop brillance. Ten tracks that segue seamlessly to make one 27-minute song. April & I tells the tale of a boy, his imaginary friend, and the struggles of growing up. Playful melodies and lush harmonies abound among orchestral swells, traditional piano and guitar, and even a dance party electronic romp. In synthesizing a history of pop from The Beach Boys to latter day groups like The Posies and Jellyfish, Paul Steel has created the perfect headphone symphony. (" 8 blips out of 10
- Under The Radar Magazine

A triumph of reason and passion for a writer at any age, but most impressive for an 18-year old. Filled with epiphanies that lead him in a totally individual direction.
- Van Dyke Parks

This kid is really sweet, and has some interesting chord changes and melodies. His songs are very ambitious, and their best moments sound a bit like Queen meeting the Beach Boys in the bedroom of a 15 year old boy wearing batman pyjamas. Certainly a talent.
- Sean Ono Lennon

Paul is most definitely a major songwriting talent and a totally realised producer. His understanding of arrangement is beyond question. This is very special music.
- Sean O'Hagan, The High Llamas.

Gorgeous music. Are you really as young as they say..? If so, there's hope yet.
- Wondermints

Paul Steel rules. This is amazing work
- Iain Archer, former Snow Patroller and Ivor Novello Award-winning songwriter.
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