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Annihilation Of Wack Emcees


Release Date: 01 December 2023

Format: Digital

Label: The Disciple


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Annihilation Of Wack Emcees


Swiss Rapper The Disciple releases a brand new single - The Annihilation Of Wack Emcees. In a sonic rebellion against the monotony of contemporary rap, The Disciple drops a lyrical bombshell with the release of his latest single. This metaphorical masterpiece serves as a powerful critique of the new generation of rappers, challenging the status quo with its ingenious wordplay and pulsating beats.

In an era where commercial success often overshadows the essence of true emceeing, The Disciple takes a bold stand, dismantling the façade of some of today's chart-topping artists. The track ventures into uncharted territory, addressing the lack of genuine lyricism, weak rhyme delivery, and over-reliance on autotune that plagues the modern rap landscape