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American Mustard


Release Date: 17 September 2016

Format: Digital

Label: El Mostaza


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Don't Sit Next To You [2:45]
Maglendda [2:25]
Wonderful [2:49]
American Mustard [3:31]
Time I Got Me Some Me Time [2:18]
Cry For Help [2:37]
Ronnie Thunders [2:55]
Make You Dance [2:43]
What Was I Thinking [3:13]
Off Topic [2:51]
Jimmy Barnes [3:13]
Lost My Way [2:57]


American Mustard are five men of rock, who have all been round the block.

Their mission, to explore the choppy, existential waters through which the modern man must steer the good ship Burden Of Responsibility, set to the macho-rock posturing of 1974.

American Mustard are proud to be working alongside CALM;; a charity focused on the prevention of male suicide in the UK, raising awareness of the need for men to talk openly about mental health issues, encouraging us all to leave unhelpful, outdated male stereotypes firmly in the past.

American Mustard aren't here to throw the baby out with the bathwater;; we came to rock like denim-beasts, striding naked across the emotional landscape of middle age man, chests and roaring to the elements,

"I don't wanna just get by on American Mustard"